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  • Проф. детектор металла

    Код товара:



    • DISC/TONE: discriminate between different metal types
    • GND BALL: adjust soil interference
    • VOL: adjust volume
    • TRACE: trace the target being detected
    • SENS: adjust the sensitivity
    • TRESHOLD: adjust the strength of the signal
    • adjustable handle
    • target indicator
    • on/off button
    • waterproof searching coil
    • 'all metal' mode can detect all kinds of metal
    • discrimination modes: notch, tone
    • frequency: 6.5KHz
    • sensitivity: 20cm for a ? 2 coin (Ø 25mm), in 'all metal' mode, under ideal circumstances
    • low battery indication: red LED when <8.8V
    • signal output: speaker and 3.5mm headphone jack
    • display: 6.35cm (2.5") analogue panel meter
    • power supply: 8x 1.5V battery type AA (LR6C, not incl.)
    • dimensions:
      • length: 112~144cm (44"~57")
      • coil: Ø21.5cm (8.5")
    • weight: 1260g (2.78lbs)
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