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  • Laser rangefinder

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    The LM50 laser distance meter is a reliable measuring tool for distance determination. It is characterized by exceptional accuracy, quick response and long measurement distance. The clear display guarantees correct reading of the results even in poor light. The results can be saved in the device's memory, which definitely improves the work. The meter is ideal for designing or construction, as well as for collecting evidence in traffic accidents. The set also includes an elegant cover.

    - Display: EBTN
    - Display size: 2 inches
    - Measuring range: 50 m
    - Minimum display scale: 1 mm
    - Measurement units: m/ft/in (meters/feet/inches)
    - Accuracy: ±(2mm+5 x 10-5D)
    - Laser class: 2
    - Laser type: 630~670nm, ﹤1mW
    - Storage temperature: -20 degrees C ~ 70 degrees C
    - Working temperature: 0 degrees C ~ 40 degrees C
    - Functions
    Measurement: single, continuous, area, MAX/MIN, area, volume, distance from solid Pythagoras
    Beep, battery indicator, data storage (up to 20)
    Automatic shutdown when inactive: device (after 3 min.), laser (after 30 sec.), screen backlight (after 10 sec.)

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    38.89 €