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    The ALLBOT® is a modular robot system that is fully Arduino® compatible. Build and enhance the robot, learn how to program, use the app and have fun! This set includes all parts to create four different ALLBOT robots. Check out all pictures to find out what the possibilities are. Once you've built the robots, you can the included Uno development board to program it. Also, you can add multiple in-and outputs to enhance them like LEDs, buttons, sensors, and more! The ALLBOT robots are perfect for makers from 14 to 99 years old. Online manual available here: [link url=][/link] Get the Android app here: [link url=]]Android store[/link] Get the iOS app here: [link url=]]iOS store[/link] Scratch programming for ALLBOT! Learn how to program your ALLBOT in an educational and fun way with Scratch. [link url=]Find out more here![/link] [youtube]9dHtW0immKg[/youtube]
    1. 2 x plastic parts set for legs
    2. 2 x plastic parts set for body
    3. 1 x battery shield
    4. 1 x li-ion battery pack
    5. 12 x 9G servo motors
    6. 1 x ATmega328 development board
    7. 1 x servo shield for Arduino®
    8. sensor pack:
      1. 1 x temperature sensor with 3 ranges
      2. 2 x light sensor with 3 ranges
      3. 1 x sound sensor with sensitivity adjustment
    9. LED pack:
      1. 1 x red LED module
      2. 1 x green LED module
      3. 1 x blue LED module
      4. 1 x white LED module
    10. input pack:
      1. 1 x tactile button module
      2. 1 x 3 position slide switch module
      3. 1 x potentiometer module for speed or other variables
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