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  • Possessed Pumpkin XL Soldering Kit

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    Happy Halloween! Make this year's celebrations super scary thanks to these extra-large soldering kits. Ideal for both beginners and advanced makers! This pumpkin doesn't need any carving, but you will need to solder all components onto the unique gold-plated circuit board. The components include colourful RGB LEDs that have a special diffused effect. Once the soldering work is finished, the LEDs will perform 5 different light effects that you can choose thanks to the onboard button. The onboard ATtiny chip is pre-programmed with these animations, so your kit will work once you power it with the included adaptor. Place the pumpkin on a mantlepiece or behind a window to scare all those who pass by. Collect all three Halloween-themed figurines! [youtube]cM_iCZlvc44[/youtube] Tools This kit requires the following tools that are not included: a soldering iron, soldering tin and pliers. Optional tools are a soldering mat and a third hand. All these tools are available on our site!
    1. orange XL-sized and gold-plated circuit board (PCB) in the shape of a pumpkin
    2. 16 addressable (programmable) RGB LEDs - WS2812
      1. 13 x 5 mm RGB LEDs
      2. 3 x 8 mm RGB LEDs
    3. ATtiny85
    4. onboard push-button
    5. USB-A to USB-B cable for power supply
    6. wooden holder
    7. complete manual and video available in 5 languages
    8. example code for Arduino available
    9. educational and fun for all ages and skill levels
    10. not included: soldering iron, soldering tin, pliers and an soldering mat
    1. dimensions:
      1. Height: 215 mm
      2. Width: 205 mm
      3. Depth: 70 mm
    2. power supply: 5 V/2.1 A max. (100 mm cable incl.)
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