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  • Hello Summer XL Soldering Kit

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    Looking for a fun DIY summer project? Assemble this extra-large figurine and make its LEDs shine all the colours of the rainbow! Ideal for both beginners and advanced makers! In order to assemble the Hello Summer slogan, you will need to solder all components onto the unique gold plated circuit board. The components include fancy RGB LEDs that have a special diffused effect. Once the soldering work is finished, the LEDs will perform 5 different light effects. The on-board ATtiny chip is pre-programmed with some basic LED effects, so your kit will work once you power it with the included adaptor. Or you can choose to write your own code based on the available example code. Find the example code and full manual in the manual and downloads tab of this product page. Enjoy the bright RGB LEDs on the Hello Summer slogan. Tools This kit requires the following tools that are not included; a soldering iron, soldering tin, pliers or a soldering mat. All these tools are available on our site! [youtube]LiIVqiHeTok[/youtube]
    1. XL-size & gold plated circuit board (PCB) in the shape of a Hello Summer slogan
    2. 19 addressable (programmable) RGB LEDs - WS2812
      1. 14 x 5 mm RGB LEDs
      2. 5 x 8 mm RGB LEDs
    3. ATtiny85
    4. onboard push button
    5. USB A to USB B cable for power supply
    6. wooden holder
    7. complete manual and video available in 5 languages
    8. example code for Arduino available
    9. educational & fun for all ages and skill levels
    10. not included: soldering iron, soldering tin, pliers and an soldering mat
    1. dimensions: 190 x 258 mm
    2. power supply: 5 V - 2.1 A max. (cable incl.)
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