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  • Wiha - Elektriku kaablipuhastaja (43661) 180 mm




    1. protect your health: reduces strain from continuous work thanks to opening spring
    2. increases your efficiency: clean work thanks to cable cutting without crushing
    3. offers you full protection: each tool individually tested at 10,000 V AC and approved for 1,000 V AC
    4. application: cable cutter for cutting of copper and aluminium cables without crushing, also suitable for stripping. Not for steel cable, wires and copper conductors with hard coatings. For work in the area of live parts up to 1,000 V AC.
    1. Physical properties
      1. Plier type: Cable cutter
    2. Connections
      1. Maximum wire size mm²: 50 mm²
    3. Product basic info
      1. Colour unit: Red
      2. Additional colour: Yellow
      3. Depth unit: 180 mm
      4. Weight Unit: 235 g
      5. Material: CRV (chrome vanadium steel)

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    54.86 €