• Professionaalsed elektriku VDE/GS lõpu otsikute pigistustangid - 145 mm - WIHA - Z60006




    1. professional electric crimping pliers
    2. individually tested protective insulation 1000 VAC, VDE and GS tested
    3. material: high-quality tool steel, tempered
    4. application:
      1. for crimping end sleeves (ferrules) according to DIN 46228 parts 1 + 4
      2. for all work on or around electrical components up to 1000 VAC
    5. standards: DIN ISO 5743. Manufactured according to IEC 60900:2012.
    6. design:
      1. trapezoidal or semi-circular profiles for a secure connection between end sleeve and conductor
      2. sleeve and conductor are inserted from the side
    7. head shape: fixed profile grooves for the relevant conductor cross-sections
    8. valuable chrome plating for long-lasting corrosion protection
    9. hard, comfortable elastomeric zones ensure low friction in the movement range of the fingers
    10. the stops on the ends of the arms prevent the hand from slipping
    11. the robust, ergonomic handle is carefully fixed to the pliers
    12. harmonious design of the front part of the handle for an optimum finger hold when applying force
    13. extra broad arms made of soft, non-slip elastomer are gentle on the parts of the hand that are sensitive to pressure
    14. IEC 60900:2004
    1. range of application: end sleeves (ferrules)
    2. capacity: 0.25 - 2.5 mm²
    3. length: 145 mm (5 3/4")
    4. weight: 130 g

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