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  • Solar, UVA & Light Meter (3 in 1)

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    • It gives the selection of Illumination -Solar. -UVA of one's own accord unit.
    • Illumination -Solar -UVA.
    • Convenient, no need to adjust, data displayed clearly.
    • Real time data.
    • Data hold function.
    • Auto ranging.
    • Back light.
    • Auto power off and disable auto power off.
    • USB PC interface.
    • Data logging capacity up to 45,000 reading.
    • Data logging of Illumination -Solar. -UVA of one's reading.
    • Low battery indication" ".
    • Over load display "OL".
    • Maximum/Minimum/Average record and elapse time.
    • Auto zero adjustment.

    General Specifications:
    • Display: 3¾LCD display maximum display 4000.
    Illumination -Solar -UVA of one's own accord unit
    BTU (ft²*h) / W/m² / uW/cm²/ mW/cm²
    Lux /foot candles (fc) unit.
    • Sampling: 4 times/second.
    • Power off: Manual off by push button, or auto shut off after30 minutes approximately
    • Data Output: USB PC serial interface. Datalogging capacity up to 45,000 reading.
    • Size: 130(L) x 56(W) x 38 (H)mm
    • Weight: approx.250g
    • Consumption Current: ≦10mA

    Electrical Specification:
    • UVA: 400µW/cm²; 4000µW/cm²; 20mW/cm²
    resolution: 0.1µW/cm², 1µW/cm², 0.01mW/cm²
    Accuracy: ±4%Fs+2dgt
    wavelength: 320~390nm
    • Illumination: 40.00Lux,400.0Lux, 4000 Lux,40000Lux, 400000Lux,
    resolution:0.01, 0.1, 1, 10, 100Lux
    Accuracy: ±3% (calibrated to standard incandescent lamp 2856°K); 6% (other visible light source)
    • Solar:40W/m²,400W/m²,2000W/m²,13Btu (ft².h),
    Accuracy:±10 W/m²

    Price (VAT included)

    (755.42528.79 €