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  • Power quality analyzer ( TES )

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    • Power Quality Analysis for Single and Balanced Three Phase System.
    • Harmonic Analysis of Voltage and Current (1 to 50th order).
    • True RMS measurement of V with 0.5% of reading basic accuracy.
    • True RMS measurement of A with 1% of reading basic accuracy.
    • Graphic Waveform of Voltage and Current.
    • Graphic Phasor Diagram.
    • Transient Detection and Logging of Swell, Dip, and Outage.
    • Fast peak function (39μs for 50 Hz, 33μs for 60Hz).
    • Active (W, KW, HP), reactive (VAR, KVAR) and apparent (VA, KVA) power
    • Power factor (PF), phase angle (Φ), and energy (WH, KWH, KVARH, PFH).
    • Measurement of balanced 3Φ Power Quality.
    • Programmable VT ratio from 1 to 3000.
    • Hold functions.
    • Auto power off function in 15 minutes (selectable).
    • Datalogging and Download to a PC.
    • Optical isolated USB data connection.
    • Unlimited datalogging facility on a PC.

    • Datasheet: Prova6200

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