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    Complete Car parking system Kit (reversing camera WIRELESS NIGHT + DAY AND LCD 7 ").
    Ideal for vans, buses, buses, trucks, tractors, etc.

    Product features:
    The camera with monitor allows for easy and convenient viewing of what is happening behind the car.
    Reversing camera mounted on the rear of the car perfectly solves the problem of parking in the difficult places.
    The kit can be installed also in agricultural tractors to comfortably watch what happens at the rear of the tractor.
    Automatic restart of the camera and monitor occurs when voltage is detected.
    The camera lens is adjustable in height - can be mounted at any height ..
    Webcam fully waterproof and shockproof.
    Attached two transmitters Video 2.4GHz - no need to lay cables through the entire length of the car,the image from the webcam to the monitor is transmitted wirelessly.
    It is also possible webcam wired connection (for long distances will need an additional wire in video RCA-RCA).

    Camera Specifications:
    Viewing angle: 120 degrees
    Video Format: 628 x 586 PAL
    IR LEDs: 18 pcs.
    Mode: Day / Night (automatically switched)
    Built-in light sensor
    Temperature range -40 to + 80 ° C
    Output: Composite RCA
    Power supply: 12V - (wires prepared for tie-in installation)
    Maximum power consumption: 120mA
    Mounting frame
    Protection class: IP66
    Dimensions (with base and peak): 75 x 69 x 72mm

    Specifications monitor:
    Screen size: 7 inches
    Contrast: 300: 1
    Brightness: 250cd / m2
    Display Mode: color
    Adjust brightness, contrast, color
    Mirror function, Pivot
    Resolution: 480 x 234 pixels NTSC / PAL
    2 independent video inputs (CH1 and CH2) (Composite RCA)
    Temperature resistance range from -40 to + 80 ° C
    Power supply: 12V - (wires prepared for tie-in installation)
    Maximum power consumption: 6W
    Dimensions: 11 x 17 x 2cm

    Both the camera and the mounting frame
    Monitor 7 "TFT
    Swivel bracket to the monitor + tray adhesive
    Mounting frame to hang the monitor on a wall, or prepared in the dashboard of a car
    IR remote to monitor
    Video Transmitter 2.4GHz
    Video Receiver 2.4GHz
    Cable Set
    All packed in a colorful, aesthetic box

    Price (VAT included):

    121.70 €

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