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  • Upper-Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

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    Monitor with automatic inflation and measurement to conveniently check someone's blood pressure at home. It is equipped with an indicator, showing instant test results, and saves up to 60 readings to show the course of a blood pressure over a longer period. The monitor has a measuring range between 0 mmHg and 300 mmHg and an accuracy of approx. 3 mmHg. It switches off automatically after 1 minute of inactivity.

    • Indicator to classify blood pressure level
    • Memory for 2x 60 readings with time and date stamp
    • Irregular heartbeat detection
    • Automatic power off function after 1 minute of inactivity

    • Blood pressure level classification indicator
    • 2x60 memory, time and date display.
    • SYS/DIA pressure and pulse rate display seperately
    • Average reading of last three measurements
    • Automatic power off function
    • Arm circumference: 22-30cm
    • Accuracy: within +/- 3mmHg
    • Machine size: length 138mm/width 98mm/height 48mm
    • Weight: 211g

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