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  • Metal detector CS2MX

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    The CS2MX is a 'switch-on-and-go' design with automatic tuning activated by the motion of the search-head passing over the ground.


    • Motion electronics for outstanding depth detection.
    • All Metal Super Depth Mode.
    • Variable Discrimination simply eliminates signals from rubbish targets.
    • Automatic Retune means less knob twiddling and more searching.
    • Push button Pinpoint function allows identification of the exact target location.
    • Sensitivity control to adjust the detector so it works at peak performance no matter what the conditions.
    • Rugged belt mountable control box.
    • Counterbalanced stem with Arm-rest has been designed for fingertip control and perfect balance.
    • Lightweight Control Box ensures the detector is especially easy on the arm.
    • Quick secure Adjustable Stem and locking mechanism enables the detector to be tailored to any user.
    • Waterproof lightweight search head is fitted for deep probing and superb stability.
    • Internal Loudspeaker.
    • 6.3mm (1/4") headphone socket.


    Operating system: Non-motion
    Operating Frequency: 17kHz
    Search-Head: 20cm diameter submersible 'Polo' Search Head
    Battery Power: 8 x AA
    Typical Battery Life*: 30-40 hours
    Weight: 1.45 kg (including batteries)
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