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  • DXL3+SGA3 : Professional cable finder ( C.Scope)

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    • CAT+:
    Power: 50Hz...3,5kHz( sensitivity: 7,5mA; max. depth: 3m)
    Radio: 15...30kHz;( sensitivity: 20µA; depth: 2m)
    Genny 33kHz: 33kHz+-25Hz( sensitivity: 5µA; depth: 3m)
    Accuracy: +-10%
    LCD: shows cable position & depth( with generator ); buzzer
    • GENNY+:
    Induction: 33kHz( sensitivity: 7,5mA; max. depth: 3m)
    Connection: 33kHz;( sensitivity: 20µA; depth: 2m)
    • signal input into cable or pipe & finding with CAT+
    along the line, street, area....
    • Audio-indication( different sounds);
    • Includes: Cable locator, generator & case
    • *Accessories: Signal-clamps(CSIRSC-33): safety, signal input into
    cables without electrical contact
    Sond(CSIRS-33): signal generation at Genny's(33kHz) frequency.
    Application: non-metal materials
    Contact wire(CSIRSIP-33E): Signal generation into 220V AC network
    plastic pipe tracer (CSIRSPT20 )

    • More information: C-Scope Tracer
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