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  • Wire pair and cable locator

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    Wire pair locator ideal for finding telephone, internet, power and live wires. The meter is a handy, accurate and non-invasive tool suitable for fitters and technicians and people who work on low voltage lines.


    • Cable types:
      • LAN cable
      • telephone
      • concentric
      • electric wire
    • Maximum telephone line length: 3000m
    • Maximum length of shielded and unshielded cables: 320m
    • Transmitter output voltage: max. 12V
    • Polarity indicator of pairs of telephone wires: ±(5V~52V)
    • Signal strength indicator light
    • Tracking live switchgear wires
    • Open and short test
    • Broken wire tracking
    • Headphone jack for receiver
    • Transmitter input voltage protection: 52V DC
    • Receiver and transmitter power supply: 9V battery
    • Maximum receiver standby current: 10mA
    • Maximum operating current of the receiver: <40mA (AC, RMS)
    • The maximum operating current of the transmitter: 25mA
    • Dimensions:
      • transmitter: 125x48x28mm
      • receiver: 195x48x30mm
    • Libra:
      • transmitter: 125g
      • receiver: 153g

    Price (VAT included):

    46.65 €