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  • EVSE Adapter

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    Input: Max.250V (single -phase system)/max.430V (three -phase system).50 /60HZ

    Dimensions(B*H*L): 235*60*60mm (length without connecting cable)

    Weight: 832g (Weight without connecting cable)

    IP protection: IP54

    Safety: IEC/EN 61010-1 IEC61010-2

    Overvoltage category: CAT II 300V

    Connecting cable: Type 2

    Protection classification: double insulation

    Altitude: Max 2000 meters above sea level

    Working temperature range: 0-40°C

    Maximum relative humidity: 95 %RH (0-40°C), non-condensing

    Storage temperature range: -10-50°C

    Maximum relative humidity: 90 %RH (-10-40°C) 80 %RH (40-60°C)

    PE pre-test: yes

    PP simulation

    open (Error condition or disconnection of plug)

    13A; 20A Coding for maximum current of the EV cable.

    32A; 63A EVSE is connected and can operate in any of these coding position.

    CP simulation

    states A (EV disconnected)

    states B (EV connected)

    states C (EV charged without ventilation)

    states D (EV charged with ventilation)


    Price (VAT included):

    303.18 €