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  • TRITEST EASY: Non-contact Phase Tester / Voltage detector: ...1000VAC ( Benning )

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    • non-contact testing, no contact to the electrical conductor required
    • phase (external conductor) testing by means of red LED probe tip and acoustic signal
    • localization of cable breaks and interruptions in insulated and live lines, e.g. in cable reels and in chains of lights
    • voltage range: 200 V - 1000 V AC
    • the flashing frequency of the LED probe tip as well as the frequency of the acoustic signal increase with the voltage applied increasing as well
    • capacitive measuring method requires no current flow
    • highest measuring category CAT IV 600 V
    • ON/OFF push-button with stand-by LED for phase test and phase sequence test
    • battery compartment can be opened easily via robust screw cap
    • automatic switch-off (AUTO Power-OFF)
    • break-proof ABS housing
    • easy phase sequence testing (L1-L2-L3) in three-phase mains by means of
    • green LED probe tip (lights up) = clockwise phase sequence
    • red LED probe tip (lights up) = counter-clockwise phase sequence
    • testing with regard to phase balance: green LED probe tip (flashing) = same phase
    • ON/OFF push-button with stand-by LED for phase test and phase sequence test

    • optical indication: green/ red LED probe tip
    • acoustic indication: acoustic signal (voltage-dependent)
    • voltage AC: 200 V - 1000 V
    • phase test (non-contact): red LED/ acoustic signal
    • phase sequence test (non-contact): green probe tip (clockwise/ counter-clockwise)
    • phase balance (non-contact): green LED (flashing)
    • testing of cable breaks (non-contact): red LED/ acoustic signal
    • ON/OFF button: yes
    • AUTO Power-OFF: yes
    • dimensions: 153 x 25 x 20 mm
    • weight: approx. 40 g
    • measuring category: CAT IV 600 V, CAT III 1000 V
    • protection class: IP 53
    • set of batteries: 2 x 1.5 V batteries of type AAA / LR03
    • scope of delivery: incl. batteries, pen clip

    Price (VAT included):

    76.73 €