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  • 1.75 mm (1/16") TOUGH PLA FILAMENT - NATURAL - 750 g

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    Looking for a revolutionary PLA filament that has all the best qualities of ABS, and none of the disadvantages? It may sound too good to be true, but we've got the answer! As the name suggests, Tough PLA has the same high impact resistance as ABS. This makes it ideal to print sturdy prototypes or other technical models at any size. Plus, the print quality will stay at the same high level as you are used too with Velleman filaments. As for the 3D printing, you will experience far less warping and shrinking than you do when using ABS. Also, Tough PLA can be used with multiple 3D printers, and at various print temperatures! Check out all features and specs below to know the gist.
    1. high impact resistance
    2. easy to print
    3. reduced warping and shrinking
    4. printable with various print temperatures
    5. suitable for high-strength prototypes or technical models at large sizes
    6. industrial touch and feel
    1. type: tough PLA
    2. diameter: 1.75 mm (1/16")
    3. package: reel
    4. colour: natural
    5. specific gravity: 1.21 g/cc
    6. print temperature: 210 ± 10 °C
    7. impact strength: 29.8 kJ/m²
    8. weight: 750 g
    9. dimensions (reel): Ø 20 x 5.5 cm
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