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  • 2.85 mm (1/8") HIPS FILAMENT - WHITE - 750 g



    HIPS or high impact polystyrene is an easy-to-use and versatile filament for 3D printing due to its special composition. As the name states, this filament is very durable and it doesn't warp easily while printing. The print has a smooth, matt surface result and shows a lot of detail. Therefor, HIPS is ideal for printing models as well as large objects. And if that's not enough, HIPS has another neat trick up its sleeve; it's the ideal support material in combination with ABS because it dissolves in D'limonene while ABS remains unaffected. Getting any ideas? The printing temperature for HIPS is 245°C and it's compatible with all common desktop FDM and FFF technology 3D printers. Perfect for all your 3D printing projects!
    1. dissolves in D-Limonene
    2. high impact-resistance
    3. can be glued easily
    4. for matt, detailed, complex or large prints
    5. light and durable
    6. very low warping
    1. type: HIPS
    2. diameter: 2.85 mm (1/8")
    3. package: reel
    4. colour: white
    5. specific gravity: 1.04 g/cc
    6. print temperature: 220-270 °C
    7. impact strength: 15 kJ/m²
    8. weight: 750 g
    9. dimensions (reel): Ø 20 x 5.5 cm
    10. RAL: 9003

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